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Simplified Job Planning – Common Questions Answered

When discussing our Workforce Optimisation Service with trusts, several common questions often come up.

Below, we provide straightforward answers to your questions:

“We use another supplier for Job Planning at the moment… does that matter?” No, it doesn’t matter. Whether you have another provider or a different system in place, our focus is on helping you optimise your workforce, regardless of your current setup.

“We are in contract for another XX months… does that mean you can’t help?” Not at all. We understand the constraints of contracts, but this doesn’t prevent us from assisting you. Our approach is adaptable, and we can work within your existing contract terms.

“We currently don’t use SARD… is that a problem?” Absolutely not. Your choice of a job planning system doesn’t hinder our collaboration. Our objective is to improve your job planning process, no matter what tools you use.

The Central Question

Instead of dwelling on your current system, consider this essential question: Does your current job planning system provide the necessary data when you need it and in a way that genuinely supports decision-making?

If your answer isn’t a clear ‘Yes!,’ there may be ways to enhance your job planning experience without completely changing your system.

No Requirement for SARD's System

You don’t need to use SARD’s systems to benefit from our expertise. We tailor our services to your specific needs, regardless of your current technology stack.

No Need to Cancel Existing Contracts

You can maintain your existing contracts. We seamlessly integrate with your current setup, ensuring you can begin experiencing improved job planning without delays.

Our mission is straightforward: to simplify and enhance the job planning process for you. Trusts can rest assured that their current systems and contracts are not obstacles but opportunities. We are here to collaborate, provide solutions, and improve your job planning process into a definitive ‘Yes!’ – a solution that genuinely works for you and your organisation. Feel free to reach out to us today to explore how we can assist you in optimising healthcare workforce management.

For more information about how SARD can help, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or drop us an email.

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