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SARD eLeave is an easy to use leave tracking and authorising system. It’s an elegantly intuitive way to submit and manage leave requests and deliver accurate and efficient capacity planning.

eLeave supports collaboration between individuals and leave coordinators. Users input leave or study requirements into the system and then view a colour-coded approval status of their requests in a user-friendly calendar format, receiving email updates of approvals or rejections. They can also see at a glance their colleagues’ leave status and so can manage their personal lives and work commitments in a way that suits them, their co-workers and their trust.

eLeave gives coordinators and managers a real-time overview of all requests and confirmed leave by speciality, directorate or other group identifier, with instant visibility of overlaps and pinch points. A ‘heat map’ displays availability of staff in any period – including past profiles to identify trends – assisting with effective leave management during periods of peak or reduced demand.

  • Covers all leave types including paternity/maternity, sick and compassionate leave
  • Allows comprehensive leave planning to ensure capability and capacity coverage
  • Interfaces with SARD Job Planning
  • Ability to limit support requests
  • Customisable to individual organisational requirements

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