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SARD 360

SARD 360 supports a distinct and critical aspect of revalidation: the multi-source gathering of feedback on a doctor’s clinical performance from colleagues, patients and through self-assessment. 360 has been designed to reduce the time spent on the process and improve responsiveness. It also integrates fully with SARD Medical Revalidation.

360 consolidates all feedback in the user’s revalidation profile, then provides a pre-flight assessment score. Unique to SARD, we use anonymised MSF data from over 14,000 individual MSFs and 460,000 patient and colleague surveys entered by our users since 2012 – a rare and valuable mine of information from which SARD users benefit exclusively.

This data-rich algorithm gives each user the most accurate and reliable picture of how they rate compared to their peers. 360 can also draw on benchmarking data by speciality (such as mental health or acute care) for a more focused user assessment against others in the same line of practice. The assessment score for each survey question can then be evaluated by the clinician and his or her support team to inform any future action plan.

Like all SARD products, 360 has been designed to be simple. Respondents receive an email link to an online form which, when completed, is automatically uploaded to the user’s profile. We can also arrange for patient feedback received in paper form to be added securely to the system by SARD.

  • Consolidates all feedback – electronic and paper-based – within the doctor’s revalidation profile
  • Simplifies and streamlines the gathering of feedback from any number of sources
  • Smart AI-generated assessment scores calculated from thousands of MSFs and over 460,000 surveys
  • Everything online, accessible and in one safe place

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