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ESR Wrapper

SARD ESR Wrapper API is an open-source product developed by SARD in partnership with Oxleas NHS FT and funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Electronic Staff Record (ESR) is an incredibly important part of the NHS and holds details of all staff within the organisation. There has historically been much scope to improve the way data can be accessed from ESR to ensure it can be used in a useful way.

API stands for Application Programming Interface which is a way to define interactions between multiple software programmes. An easy way to think about an API is when you type into a search engine, once you hit enter, the search engine uses multiple APIs throughout the internet to find the answer - at an incredibly rapid speed.

Through the ESR Wrapper API, ESR data can be accessed through a user interface which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. This allows the user to find the information they require in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Open-source means this facility is now available to everyone for free and all users can benefit. There is no access charge.

As creators of the ESR Wrapper API, SARD are able to offer a package of installation, support and consultation that can be purchased by any organisation that feels they would benefit from this. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss more.

  • Access information easily and efficiently
  • Multi-level data security (only enable access to the data needed)
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface, developed with the user in mind
  • Community-driven and open-source project that will continue to evolve and grow

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