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Appraisal for All

SARD Appraisal for All is for clients who want a centralised appraisal system for staff other than doctors and nurses, such as physiotherapists, radiographers, support staff and managers.

Appraisal for All comes with a built-in procedural structure to achieve completion and sign off – including appraisal questions, objectives, ratings and CPD – but you define its detailed functionality and operability according to your own requirements, parameters, policies and procedures. In short, Appraisal for All lets you build and implement your own system according to who’s being appraised and how your organisation functions.

When combined with our Medical Revalidation and Nurse Revalidation products you get systemised, integrated appraisal and revalidation across your organisation, built around you, your people and how you operate.

  • Proven system with added core flexibility and configurability
  • Individual dashboards to plot progression
  • CSV user data import
  • Customisable user guidance to reflect organisational requirements
  • Access all appraisal information via a single interface
  • Custom policies and reports
  • Links to revalidation requirements

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