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Online Patient Feedback

Online Patient Feedback

Your patients can now enter their feedback online via SARD!

You can use online feedback, paper forms, or a mixture of both.

Each Multi-Source Feedback now has a unique code. To view this code a doctor can log in and view their own MSF or an administrator can look it up for them. It will be listed in the Summary panel (see below). This code can be shared with and used by multiple patients.

Also shown here is an email link which will open your computer’s email provider with a templated message. The message provides a web link to follow and the doctor’s unique code. This email can be sent directly to patients or forwarded to a delegate of the doctor’s choosing.

This code is entered on our ‘Input Patient Feedback’ page: your-trust.sardjv.co.uk/input_patient_feedback

SARD will then confirm the doctor information is correct and provide them with the online questionnaire to fill out.

Once submitted it will be added to the doctor’s MSF. No personal information is taken from the patient, to ensure confidentiality.

This feature can be used to request feedback for a variety of online and telephone appointments simply by sharing the URL and the code. Just get in contact if this is something you’d like for your trust. We hope it will help you!

Key Points

  • Make a note of the URL for your trust: your-trust.sardjv.co.uk/input_patient_feedback
  • Make a note of your current MSF code by viewing it on your SARD account
  • –>

  • Give both of these to your patients!
  • Test this out yourselves by visiting demo.sardjv.co.uk/input_patient_feedback and entering code '5'
  • If you would prefer to carry on using paper forms, you still can. Either method you use will work - you can even use both!
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