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We take pride in our customer support, it is a main driving force for us and we will go out of our way to make sure we can provide the best help we can. We don’t have a call-centre and we don’t hire any third parties to deal with our customer support. When you have a question, you will reach our team directly and we will do everything we can to give you the best advice and resolve any queries you may have.

All of our products have an intuitive design that should make it easy and straightforward for you to use. But in case you have any questions, we have the following support features available:

Live Chat Support

During office hours, you can speak to any of the members of the SARD team via our instant messaging service. If you prefer not to speak via a chat service, you can always just send us your phone number and we’ll give you a call within the next 10 minutes.

Knowledge Base

Visit support.sardjv.co.uk for an encyclopedia of SARD, with lots of information and FAQs for you to peruse, chances are your query will be answered by reading this page.

Phone and E-mail support

You can call us within office hours on 0208 771 4153 to speak to a member of our team, or you can e-mail info@sardjv.co.uk and we’ll respond within half a working day.

Video Tutorials

Our products come with a ‘support videos’ page, which has some short instruction videos on how to use the systems.

User Guides

Everyone has access to our user guides via their dashboard, as well as from here. If you prefer to hand out hardcopies of the guides, please ask and we’ll send these to you for free.

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