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SARD Job Planning is an intuitive, powerful, simple to use calendar-based system designed to ensure rapid data entry, accurate job plans and data ready for capacity planning and rostering. Built to reflect the reality of medical work and to capture all schedules, however complex. Full custom sign-off and reporting.


  • Rapid, straightforward data entry for all types of activity
  • A true iCal calendar system to allow full, detailed reporting
  • Instant automatic calculations of all hours and PAs
  • Secure 24/7/365 web access from anywhere
  • Best-in-class doctor and technical support via live chat
  • Custom activity types, categories, locations
  • Custom mandatory sign-offs to meet organisational needs
  • Instant heat-map overview of full job plan
  • Import from existing calendars
  • Full audit trail


  • Simple, intuitive design promotes user engagement
  • Rapid, easy data entry of all types of work
  • Major administrative savings over existing data capture methods
  • Access all job planning information via a single powerful interface
  • Accurately and completely reflect users’ working schedules
  • System access from multiple devices
  • Provides accurate information for capacity planning
  • Designed in collaboration with major NHS trusts
  • Easily handle the most complex job plans
  • Flexible to the unique requirements of each organisation

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