Sophie Buijsen

Hello! I'm Sophie and I am one of the account managers at SARD. In fact, I was the very first account manager SARD ever had. When I joined the company in November 2012, SARD was on the verge of growth and it was very exciting. I was there when the first big contracts came in, when it became clear that SARD was not just a small player in a big field, but could actually make a difference.

For me the way SARD is different than anywhere I've ever worked before is that our customer service is not just a meaningless slogan. No one in this company reads from scripts or waves away queries. We are all invested in our solutions and we're all invested in making sure that our clients and end users like our systems as much as we do.

Before I came to SARD I completed an MSc in Science Communication, which is an interest I still hold dear. Which is why Kevin and I run a monthly science and technology meet-up in Crystal Palace, called the Silicon Triangle, where we get together with like minded people and talk about the projects we are working on. Listening to the enthusiasm of others is always inspiring and often helps us innovate our solutions as well.

Besides this I write science stories on and am the sub-editor of the zine ‘You've Got Mail' (

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