Nicholas Cooke

I am an account manager for SARD JV which gives me hands on experience with people using the system every day, whether this is improving and streamlining our system to the specific needs of a client or problem solving on our online chat feature.

As we are a relatively small company it means that we all feel a very personal stake in the companies activities, whether that is dealing with clients, testing systems or organizing charity events.

Because we are very open as a company it means as employees we can each tailor our work according to our own strengths and what we most enjoy.

Having studied at both Sussex University and University of East London, I spent 6 years working in the world of Optics in various different ways. This has instilled an interest in the ways different institutions and industries can collaborate and find mutual goals.

I feel we are in an interesting position being a joint venture with an NHS trust, we are both part of the NHS framework but have the freedom to really get to the core of problems and provide innovative and fresh solutions.

In my time away from work I run a storytelling night in Crystal Palace, I have been involved in writing and performing for many years, including participating in the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes Festivals.

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Nicholas Cooke Jun 3, 2014

If you just keep asking questions you eventually start knowing things, which is initially disconcerting but ultimately feels good, like gradually getting into a too hot bath. Now when I type into a password box and it replaces letters with little circles, I don’t assume it is witchcraft. I am... Read More