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Kevin Monk

Kevin is both managing director of SARD JV and Mango Swiss; the software company responsible for building the SARD system. Prior to forming Mango Swiss in 2007, he was Technical Director for an international sports animation company.

Having graduated as an electronic engineer in 2001, he started his career as a principal engineer at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratories before moving into private industry. He built his first website at the age of 14, before Google even existed, and has never looked back.

Blog posts for Kevin

Software and deadlines

Kevin Monk Jul 19, 2017

We have a rule that we don't give deadlines for software changes. This may sound evasive and non-commital but we don't believe it serves us or our clients to attempt the impossible. We're not alone in thinking this way many software companies have a similar no-deadlines policy. Read More

NHS IT and ransomware

Kevin Monk May 16, 2017

This is possible, cheap and simple. You'll need no prior technology knowledge and I'll explain by example. You'll have safe data and operational resilience if you follow this simple principle - separate your data from your tools. Read More

Don't bring me solutions

Kevin Monk Sep 12, 2016

Organisations define a majority of their procurement requirements with a presupposed solution. As a result, the winning bid is not as cheap or effective as possible. They can fix this by making the problem, and not the solution, the backbone of the document. Read More

Customer service begets all

Kevin Monk Sep 8, 2016

An obsession for the last 3 years has been customer service. I love it! I read and watch countless books and videos on the subject. My perception of it has completely changed. Read More

Turning off the targeting computer

Kevin Monk Dec 3, 2015

When Apollo 11 took the first men to the moon, NASA intended that a computer would guide the landing. The site selection team had picked a smooth patch of ground. But the guidance system was taking the Lunar Module into a field of boulders the size of a football pitch.... Read More

AOA and QIT Reports

Kevin Monk Jun 26, 2014

Revalidation professionals will be aware of Annual Organisational Audits and Quarterly Information Templates. Designated bodies use them to feed data back to NHS England. SARD eases the process by generating AOAs and QITs at the touch of a button. Read More