Alice Roche

Hi, I'm Alice. I am the Customer Support and Account Manager and have worked at SARD since 2014.

My career at SARD started in the Customer Support team, operating on live chat, answering queries from end users, and answering emails and calls throughout the day. However, I now manage this team as well as supporting Rob Green with Account Management. I am regularly on trips visiting our clients, helping with sales demos, training users and implementing new trusts.

I am very passionate about the NHS, Customer Service and providing the best support for our end users. My background in helping on the live chat and being front facing really helps me to understand when visiting our clients, what medics want out of a system. I genuinely enjoy going above and beyond for our clients in any way possible to make their lives easier and relieve pressures, so they can focus on more important roles within the trust.

My favourite part of the job is the relationships I have built with our clients, I pride myself on being someone that they rely on and talk to regularly when they need help in things being done efficiently and to an excellent standard. I love being on the road and meeting clients, putting faces to names and also being the Manager of a fantastic support team, who are trained monthly by myself on our systems and products.

I've been at SARD for a long time now and love watching our company expand. I am very excited about working for SARD for longer, and being part of the continuing growth and success of the company in the future.

Blog posts for Alice

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