Alex Rudall

Hi there, I’m Alex and I’m a software developer at SARD.

I love working at SARD - it allows me to develop my skills in a great environment where we all work to make people’s jobs a bit easier. Part of what I value as a developer is the ability to talk to the people who use what I build, and this is something that SARD is very good at. The customer service ethic here is the best I’ve ever been involved with, and it is very exciting to be able to receive a request and build a solution in a very short time-frame.

For my background, I studied Modern History at University and then moved into IT, building reporting systems and working in software project management. I have spent time living and working in South Africa and Scotland. In my spare time I enjoy running, yoga and vegetarian cooking, as well as learning to be a better developer!

Blog posts for Alex

Chat Operators Are Human Too

Alex Rudall Jan 3, 2018

From 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, our customer service team runs our live chat system and our phone line and responds to all support requests. Chat volume fluctuates heavily throughout the year and throughout the day. Read More

SARD eRostering

Alex Rudall Nov 23, 2017

One of our key principles is agility - we use constant feedback to drive our development so that we can focus on what actually matters to our clients. We worked closely with Oxleas to build Appraisal, and GSTT to build our eLeave system. Read More

Job Plan Improvements

Alex Rudall Oct 13, 2017

Francesca's blog about the Lake of Discontent indicated how important it is to us that we listen to our users. At present most of the questions we receive are related to one product - Job Planning. Read More

SARD eLeave

Alex Rudall Apr 19, 2017

Over the last year, in collaboration with Guy's and St. Thomas NHS Trust, we have developed a leave and holiday tracking and planning system to make it easy and fast for doctors to plan, book and approve leave. Read More

Nurse and Midwife Revalidation

Alex Rudall Oct 9, 2015

On Friday the NMC made their final decision - all midwives and nurses in the UK will need to be revalidated on a regular basis. In response SARD JV is excited to announce the completion of the SARD Nurse and Midwife Revalidation system... Read More


Alex Rudall Jul 3, 2015

This is the world's first computer program, written by Ada Lovelace in 1842. And this is Margaret Hamilton standing next to a printout of the actual Apollo Guidance Computer source code. Her programming directly prevented an abort of the Apollo 11 Moon landing... Read More

Automatic Reminders

Alex Rudall May 29, 2015

Today we completed development on a new feature for SARD - an automated email system to manage reminders for doctors about their upcoming appraisal. This feature will further improve compliance rates and will also make the appraisal process a little more straightforward for our doctors and administrators. Reminders will take... Read More

Test-Driven Development

Alex Rudall Jan 30, 2015

At SARD we practice Test Driven Development. If you are a software developer, you probably know what this is; if you are not, you almost certainly do not. But perhaps you should know, because it is an important idea that is becoming more and more relevant to all our lives.... Read More

Slow Is Fast

Alex Rudall Dec 12, 2014

When I was at university I wrote essays. I wanted to be able to write them more quickly so I learned to touch-type, using the awesome typeonline site. My favourite part was the speed test - I found it addictive. My tendency was always to try and go as quickly... Read More

Understanding Our Users

Alex Rudall Oct 24, 2014

Our mission at SARD JV is to develop solutions that really help our users, so understanding our users is central to what we do. As a way of boosting this, last Thursday we held the inaugural SARD User Group Event in our new office. It was a day of discussion... Read More