Careers at SARD

Working at SARD is fun and rewarding. We are always on the look out for people with the right skills and approach to join our knowledgeable and supportive team.

Current Opportunities

Software Developer - Industrial Placement

We are always interested in speaking to individuals that are attracted by the ethos we have described above and believe they have the necessary skills and experience to join our team. If you would like to introduce yourself then please email us.

When recruiting we sometimes work with a small number of preferred suppliers. Should you wish to be considered as a preferred supplier, then please forward your details and they will be considered when we next review our PSL. Please note that our strict company policy is that we do not receive unsolicited CVs from any agency. Any unsolicited CVs received will be treated as a “free gift” and the property of SARD JV and any terms and conditions associated with the use of such CVs will be null and void.

Is working at SARD for you?

Vision, Culture & Values

We know our most important assets are the people we work with. It is not just about having highly skilled and gifted team members (which we are happy to say we have), but more about surrounding ourselves with individuals who share our attitudes and values and want to achieve the same high standards and goals. Our people are the foundation of our business.

Our company culture is open, relaxed, friendly, sociable, flexible, non-hierarchical, where you can work with a high level of autonomy and have the space to express yourself and speak your mind.

As a company we also support Dan Pink’s view of employee motivation and the link with Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.


Your need to control your own life. At SARD you will be given the scope to manage your own workload without having someone looking over your shoulder. However, should you require support from your fellow team members, you can rest assured that it will be at hand.


Your desire to get better and better at something that matters. We are passionate about continuous development and support employees with role related training as identified through regular appraisals. You can be sure we are as passionate about your development as you are and will provide the necessary support.


Your wish to contribute to a bigger picture. Our team are clear and passionate about the role we play in supporting the healthcare sector to ensure that the quality standards of medical staff and staff related workflow is delivered efficiently and effectively. We hope that you will share this sense of purpose too.

Additional Benefits

As a company providing appraisal software, we have a strong belief in the value of regular appraisal and offer all members of our team six monthly opportunities to reflect upon progress and the future direction of their careers with us. Pay is reviewed annually.

We hold quarterly team 'Away Days' for the whole company to meet, put forward items for discussion and contribute to future strategic direction. We also organise regular less formal opportunities to socialise which have included regular team lunches, escape rooms, cocktail making and mini-golf.

Crisis UK has been selected via staff vote as our first charity to support through SARD fundraising activities. All members of our team are invited to participate in this by whatever means they are most interested be it running, jumping, baking or quizzing. Find out more about our fundraising efforts here and here.

What Do Our Team Say?

Lucie Nash - Software Developer

"Working at SARD is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked. The atmosphere is so relaxed, trusting and supportive that employees just want to work hard. I was welcomed in straightaway and trained up by a caring and passionate tech team, who have ignited my own love for the job.

The communication within the whole company is stellar and everyone is valued for their uniqueness. We are all invested in the future of this company because we believe in its ethos and see how our clients love it.

SARD is doing something very, very right. It’s difficult not to love coming to work."

Alex Rudall - former SARD Product Developer

"SARD took me on as a junior software developer and I was able to rapidly progress to a senior level due to the level of autonomy and support available.

If you’re independent, want to make a contribution, and willing to work hard, they will support you through thick and thin and go far beyond would most employers would do in order to help you. It's also a really good, friendly atmosphere, and a lot of fun. More importantly, there’s a real opportunity to improve the workdays of hardworking NHS staff. It's been my favourite job so far and has changed my life in manifold positive ways. Thanks!"