Get Ready for GDPR!

Naomi Liddle Nov 21, 2017

As data processors, we at SARD are committed and duty bound to making sure that our systems help you to carry out these legal responsibilities on behalf of the medics, employees or any other data subjects whose information you need to collect. Read More

Bespoke Appraisal Reminders

Barbara White Nov 9, 2017

We've changed the way appraisal reminders work, making them more flexible and customisable. Read More

Job Plan Improvements

Alex Rudall Oct 13, 2017

Francesca's blog about the Lake of Discontent indicated how important it is to us that we listen to our users. At present most of the questions we receive are related to one product - Job Planning. Read More

World Mental Health Day

Alice Roche Oct 12, 2017

Tuesday 10th October was World Mental Health Day, and this year marked a special landmark anniversary. First held in 1992, it was the 25th year of dedicating a day to raising awareness of mental health issues, and to fighting the stigmas surrounding it. Read More

The Lake of Discontent

Francesca Monk Oct 6, 2017

We have operated live chat user support since 2012 and over those five years we have listened to, digested and acted upon the feedback of 1000s of users. Some of this feedback has been difficult to receive - we are incredibly proud of what SARD offers but there will always... Read More

Software and deadlines

Kevin Monk Jul 19, 2017

We have a rule that we don't give deadlines for software changes. This may sound evasive and non-commital but we don't believe it serves us or our clients to attempt the impossible. We're not alone in thinking this way many software companies have a similar no-deadlines policy. Read More

NHS IT and ransomware

Kevin Monk May 16, 2017

This is possible, cheap and simple. You'll need no prior technology knowledge and I'll explain by example. You'll have safe data and operational resilience if you follow this simple principle - separate your data from your tools. Read More

Job Plan Templates

Jade Dickinson Apr 21, 2017

We have added the capability for administrators to create template job plans, which can be used by doctors as a starting point for their job plan. Read More

SARD eLeave

Alex Rudall Apr 19, 2017

Over the last year, in collaboration with Guy's and St. Thomas NHS Trust, we have developed a leave and holiday tracking and planning system to make it easy and fast for doctors to plan, book and approve leave. Read More

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