Welcome new recruits!

Sep 21, 2016
Naomi Liddle


It has been quite a year for new recruits here at SARD! Last week we welcomed the newest addition to the SARD team, Jade Dickinson. As a Software Developer, Jade will be working closely with Product Lead Alex Rudall in our London office, helping to squash bugs, develop new features and keep our great suite of software products running smoothly.

Jade’s arrival comes hot on the heels of fellow new recruit Rob Green, who joined us in June as Account Manager, and Cheyne Pearson, who took the reins as full-time Customer Support Assistant earlier this year.

We are sure Jade will settle into the friendly SARD team just as successfully as Rob and Cheyne have done. This period of staff expansion goes hand-in-hand with our growing base of happy customers and makes it possible for us to continue to respond to our client’s needs and to keep working on new products, features and improvements while always staying true to our ethos of providing great technology and great customer service.

Welcome to the team, Jade, Rob and Cheyne!

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