Administrator Refresher Training

Feb 26, 2018
Cheyne Pearson

Tags: supporttraining

Last week I stopped in at one of our trusts to give some SARD training to one of the new administrators on the team there. This was helpful, I believe, as we realise that admins don’t get a lot of direct guidance on how to use the system outside of our customer support lines once the initial training has been given at the start of their SARD implementation.

We’d like to be able to offer more of this kind of support when we can as it never hurts for people to have a refresher from time to time, and revalidation administrators have a lot more going on “under the hood” of SARD than consultants do in terms of having to find their way around the system and perform the many administrative tasks and functions outside of assisting their doctors.

It’s also instructive for us as it helps highlight some of the more frequently asked questions from admins. Of course it’s also nice to put a face to the name as we generally speak to admins on our live chat system or over the phone more than we meet anyone face to face.

As we’re based in London and Kent, it is obviously very easy to offer this kind of support to administrators based nearest to these areas, but I think we could possibly also have Skype Q&A sessions in future to help people with a batch of queries at once, if needed.

As always though, our customer service team is available weekly via the live chat, email and phone from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and ready to answer any questions admins or doctors may have.

Contact us via email at , or via telephone on 0208 771 4153.

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