Automatic Reminders

May 29, 2015
Alex Rudall

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Today we completed development on a new feature for SARD - an automated email system to manage reminders for doctors about their upcoming appraisal. This feature will further improve compliance rates and will also make the appraisal process a little more straightforward for our doctors and administrators.

Reminders will take the form of a simple email, containing a link to create an appraisal or access their current one. Doctors will be reminded 3 months, 6 weeks and 1 week before their appraisal is due. When we activate the system any overdue doctors will also be sent a reminder.

Reminders dashboard

The reminders can be controlled by trust administrators via a new dashboard page. Individual doctors can be opted-out of the reminder emails entirely, and if they are allowed to manage their own email preferences doctors can choose not to receive the emails.

Administrators can cancel and reschedule individual reminders via a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as send an immediate reminder with the click of a button. The wording of all reminders reflects whether an appraisal exists or not and whether the due date is upcoming or overdue.

We will also maintain the full history of sent reminders, so that administrators can quickly see the audit log of when a doctor was reminded via the system. Reminders will also appear on the user’s dashboard notifications.

Once an appraisal is completed or the due date is changed reminders will be rescheduled for the next due date.

We are staggering the release of this feature on a trust-by-trust basis to ensure a smooth roll-out. Sophie will be getting in touch with administrators at each trust to ensure that they’re aware of and happy with the new feature being switched on.

As always please get in touch via chat, email or telephone if you have any thoughts or feature requests or experience any issues. We hope you like it!

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