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2021/22 Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

During the upcoming holiday period SARD’s live user and technical support will be available as listed below. PLEASE NOTE that if you are sending in patient feedback over this period, there may be a delay from our usual turnaround.

Monday 20 December Open as usual
Tuesday 21 December Open as usual
Wednesday 22 December Open as usual
Thursday 23 December Open as usual
Friday 24 December (Christmas Eve) 🎅 Closed
Saturday 25 December (Christmas Day) 🎄 Closed
Sunday 26 December (Boxing Day) 🎁 Closed
Monday 27 December (Bank Holiday) Closed
Tuesday 28 December (Bank Holiday) Closed
Wednesday 29 December Full user and technical support
Thursday 30 December Open as usual
Friday 31 December (New Year's Eve) 🎉 Closed
Saturday 1 January 2022 (New Year's Day) Closed
Sunday 2 January 2022 Closed
Monday 3 January 2022 (Bank Holiday) Closed
Tuesday 4 January 2022 Full user and technical support

If you have any queries regarding our operations during this time please get in touch.