Our Philosophy

We believe in creating a work environment where we optimise the happiness of both our clients and team. We do this by undertaking meaningful work, with real integrity and only engage in developing products that we truly believe in. The core values that we hold close in life are reflected in everything we do at work.

About Us

Our promise is simple: Great Technology and Great Customer Service. We offer a suite of software products that cover all of the aspects of Medical Revalidation, 360, Job Planning, Educator's Appraisal, eLeave, Nurse Revalidation and Appraisal for All.

Our Clients

Making our clients happy is at the forefront of everything we do. Alongside producing the best systems, client happiness is our number one focus. But don't just take our word for it, ask the people that matter:


Our experience of working with the team at SARD has been very positive. Rob, our Implementation Manager, has been helpful and patient, and is very quick to respond to queries and minor issues which inevitably arise as we have familiarised ourselves with the system. The team has embraced suggestions for further improving it, and in cases where it is feasible, changes have already been introduced. This responsive and personal service is SARD’s key strength – they are a pleasure to work with.

Following a smooth and successful implementation of SARD at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the team at SARD did not stop listening to us. They still pay attention to our comments and suggestions in order to have a system that keeps meeting our requirements. The feedback from our medical and dental staff is great. The reporting feature on SARD is excellent and it has made my job a lot easier. Keep up the good work!


Beyond the technical and support aspects, we have found the SARD team to be very easy to work with. They are dedicated to providing us with good service and are proactive in meeting our needs. At every phase, from contract negotiations to information governance, they have provided the highest standard of service. SARD JV is an organisation that we are delighted to be working with and they have a system we would happily recommend to any other NHS Trusts or designated bodies based on our experience to date.

As the administrator of the medical appraisal and revalidation processes in an acute Trust, I was looking for an efficient and straightforward online system to support both my functions and my doctors. SARD provides this in a way which concentrates on the essentials of the processes, with a support team constantly looking to build on the already excellent system, including incorporating improvements suggested by clients. My doctors and I also really value the real time online and telephone support. I commend SARD to any organisation looking for a first class and flexible system.


We have been managing medical appraisal/revalidation and our job planning processes through SARD since July 2013. The systems are easy to use, can be easily adapted and we’ve had some really positive feedback from our doctors using them. The team at SARD are very helpful, responsive and dedicated to providing a system fit for purpose. I would happily recommend SARD to any Trust looking for an e-system to manage its appraisal/revalidation and/or job planning processes.

As an experienced appraiser using the original GMC approved documentation I had reservations about utilising the SARD software. These reservations were rapidly dispelled following the conduct of my first appraisal with the SARD documentation. It is really helpful that the web based access makes it so accessible whenever necessary and convenient. Since its adoption by my Trust the SARD team have responded positively to suggestions for improvements in its implementation. Significantly, every single appraisee and my consultant colleagues have been very enthusiastic about using SARD. SARD has made the Revalidation process far more straightforward with its intuitive and disciplined approach.


My involvement with SARD is on a daily basis, I find the system is easily understood and effortlessly taught even to the most sceptical! I receive more and more positive feedback from the doctors now using the system and as they enter year 2 its pleasing to hear how easy they are finding the system and indeed to whole process of appraisal. I cannot praise the staff at SARDjv enough, they are always very helpful and knowledgeable. Most importantly to me they are always very open and show willingness to develop the system and accommodate suggestions of change to the system.

Our Team

At SARD we know our most important assets are the people we work with. It is not just about having highly skilled and gifted team members (which we are happy to say we have), but more about surrounding ourselves with individuals who share our attitudes and values and want to achieve the same high standards and goals. Our people are the foundation of our business.

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Kevin Monk
Managing Director

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Philip Bottle
Sales Director

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Rob Green
Account Manager

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Naomi Liddle
Operations Manager

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Cheyne Pearson
Customer Support

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Alice Roche
Customer Support

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Customer Support

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Barbara White
Lead Developer

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Alex Rudall
Product Lead

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Jade Dickinson
Software Developer

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Ben Travis
Board Director

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Jonathan Wood
Business Advisor

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Ify Okocha
Medical Director Oxleas NHS FT

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Buki Ogunde
Head of Medical Staffing Oxleas

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